Parents – join us online Nov. 6th to learn practical tips for embracing your child’s digital life

Parenting workshop flyer - kids online

Many parents worry about their kids online: Are they spending too much time on the Internet? Are they seeing inappropriate content? Are they going to be hurt or cyberbullied by their peers? Are they wasting time that would be better spent face-to-face with friends or playing outside? Are they sharing too much information about themselves?

It’s tempting to just unplug the router and trade the iPad in for a basketball – as a mom of three tweens/teens, I certainly understand that impulse. But in doing so, you are missing golden opportunities to help your kids navigate the online world in safe, productive ways. After all, they will one day be expected to handle this kind of communication for their working and adult lives.

Join myself and Tanya Avrith, M.A. Ed Tech, on Wednesday, November 6th at 7 p.m. for a live-streaming webcast called “Embrace Your Child’s Digital Life.” This practical, one-hour interactive presentation is open to all parents everywhere, and can be accessed at No RSVP necessary.


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