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Alissa Sklar Ph.D.Alissa Sklar, Ph.D. runs risk(within)reason, a Montreal consultancy project focused on teens, technology and risky behaviours. She has a background in cultural studies, media and adolescent high risk issues.  She has taught at Concordia University, worked as a researcher and consultant in adolescent risk prevention at McGill University, and regularly writes about parenting issues. Alissa has three daughters between 12 and 16 years old, and finds the line between work and family gets blurrier every day.

risk(within)reason is all about education and awareness for parents, educators, teens and school-aged kids. Visit our Workshop pages to explore some of the workshops on offer right now. Click on the Contact Us page to discuss how these can be customized to the needs of your school or community organization.




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5 responses to “About RWR

  1. Yay Alissa! I will read this with pleasure.

    Do you know Deborah Lupton’s work on risk? It’s good, good stuff. And it might be relevant to your enterprise here…


  2. Barbara Victor

    Alyssa: Thanks for the mention of Ometz Parlour groups! Much like your experience, we see hundreds of parents learning from each other, supporting each other and laughing together! I share your interest in building networks for parents.
    Barbara Victor

  3. Hey there. Thought we would add to the list.

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