Saying No to Bullying in our Schools: Developing an Effective Action Plan and Classroom Strategies

Bullying has become a hot topic for today’s schools, and it can be hard to sort out the important issues from sensational media reports about exceptional cases. Teachers, school administrators, parents and communities are struggling to figure out how the Internet and cellphones have transformed the bullying experience, and how to effectively address incidents that may arise off-campus and outside of school hours but spill over into the classrooms, cafeterias and school hallways. This workshop offers an overview of current research and best practices about bullying (and cyber-bullying), as well as concrete strategies for prevention, awareness and engagement with bullies, the bullied, bystanders, parents, staff and community. Resources and time are allocated to starting a school or classroom action plan for dealing with bullying in practical ways.

  • Early warning signs of bullying in classrooms, school grounds and online.
  • How technology has transformed the nature of bullying;
  • Implications of brain development for behaviour in children and teens;
  • Understanding the legal requirements and precedents related to schools and bullying (including an overview of Quebec’s Bill 56);
  • How to protect teachers, administrators and staff from student bullying;
  • Effective ways to build age-appropriate awareness of bullying in elementary and high schools;
  • How to get parents and students involved in bullying prevention and school policy development;
  • How to develop an action plan for response to bullying incidents
  • Effective ways to deal with parents of bullies and the bullied at different ages and stages    Send article as PDF   

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