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riskwithinreason is all about prevention education and awareness for parents, educators, teens and school-aged children. Scroll down to view a selection of workshops currently on offer. Please Contact Us to discuss how we can customize these to the particular needs of your school or community organization.

Click on the workshop title for a full description:
*The Power of Positive Parenting: Preventing Risky Activities for all Ages

*Cellphones, Sexting and Social Media: What Parents Need to Know about their Teens and Technology”

*The Teenage Brain: A How-To Guide for Parents

What participants have said about these workshops:

“I appreciated the information I received tonight. I feel now I can approach my aughter with a better and more responsible manner. [The presentation was] very relevant, highly informative and I realized there was a lot to learn as parents about setting good parameters and rules for our kids online.”

“It was a relief to know I am not alone in my concerns. Needing to understand these technologies is a must for parents!”

“Information was very useful, practical and informative. The presentation was very relevant and I learned a lot about certain websites and how to access the information I need as a parent of a teenager.”

To discuss how these workshops can be customized for the needs of your school or community organization, contact us here.

ASK US about workshops designed specifically for elementary school-aged children (Grades 3&4/ Grades 5&6) and high school students.

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  1. Alissa, I love your new website! And thanks for all the added resources. I will spread the word of this great site to parents and colleagues.

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