Cellphones, Sexting and Social Media: What Parents Need to Know about their Teens and Technology

“Dr. Alissa Sklar engaged our audience of parents and teachers with useful insights into the opportunities and pitfalls of social media, both for our children and for ourselves.  Her presentation was relevant and practical for those of us parenting or working with kids who are navigating digital playgrounds and e-learning environments in an ever-shifting cyber world. Dr. Sklar presented well-researched, occasionally startling information in calm terms about issues we all should consider in negotiating the borderless world of the internet.”
-Geoffrey Dowd
Principal, Trafalgar School for Girls

Our children are digital natives, growing up in a wired world we could never have imagined during our own high school  years. The Internet and smartphones place an incredibly powerful set of resources at the fingertips, allowing them to communicate, entertain and inform themselves at all times and in all places. They have fundamentally altered the way teens socialize with friends, handle dating, do their schoolwork and communicate with family members.
The vast opportunities offered by these technologies come with a set of challenges and responsibilities. How can we, as parents, teach our sons and daughters to put them to use in ways that are creative and productive, but also safe and responsible? How can we work with their schools to ensure they are getting these messages consistently and effectively? The good news is that you can – and should – lay the groundwork for good judgment, resilience and open communication.

This workshop is a practical discussion about what you should know when it comes to teens and technology, and what you can do to keep the lines of communication open.

  • How technology use has changed teen socializing, dating, schoolwork and sleep;
  • How technology use affects high-risk behaviours;
  • How to create and enforcereasonable limits;
  • Keep your kids talking to you about what’s on their mind and what’s happening at school;
  • Learn the 7 C’s of resilience and practical tips on how to build and reinforce them;
  • How to (mostly) stop worrying by being prepared.

To discuss how this workshop can be customized for the needs of your school or community organization, contact us here.


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  2. If Twitter had been around lneogr, my mom might’ve been able to Twitter to her girlfriends that Spencer Tracy was visiting her upstairs neighbor. And then she wouldn’t have been the only one to get his autograph.My mom is probably glad Twitter wasn’t around then.

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