Parent Workshop: Beyond Sticks & Stones – What Parents & Kids Need to Know About Bullying

Bullying has become a hot topic for today’s parents, and it can be hard to sort out the important issues from sensational media reports about exceptional cases. Parents, schools and communities are struggling to figure out how the Internet and cellphones have transformed the bullying experience, and how we should address it. This workshop offers an overview of what education and parenting experts know about bullying (and cyber-bullying), as well as concrete strategies for prevention, awareness and engagement with bullies, the bullied and the bystanders.

  • How technology has transformed the nature of bullying;
  • Implications of brain development for behaviour in children and teens;
  • Practical tips & guidelines for parenting;
  • How parents can get involved in bullying prevention and school policy development;
  • Keep your child talking to you about what’s on their mind and what’s happening at school;
  • (In Quebec) Learn the implications of Bill 56 for parents and students;
  • How to (mostly) stop worrying by being prepared.

ASK about the survey option with this workshop! For a nominal charge, this workshop can be combined with an anonymous, confidential online survey of children and/or parents. All data is incorporated into the presentation, so you can learn the real story about bulllying at your school or organization.

I just wanted to commend you on a great presentation tonight. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very informative. […] I just wanted to say “Great job” and as corny as this may sound, the world needs people like you doing what you do. 

-Anthony C. (parent) April 2013

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