The Power of Positive Parenting: Preventing Risky Activities for All Ages

What a crucial conversation, and what a talented speaker!  Dr. Alissa Sklar’s presentation to Akiva School’s parent body was full of clear, relevant, down-to-earth facts presented in a highly engaging manner. No jargon, no scare tactics – just solid information and excellent advice.  A no-risk program for parents.
-Frances (Cooki) Levy, Head of School

What do smoking, drugs, alcohol, sex and Facebook have to do with your preschooler or elementary chool-aged child? Parents often worry about
all the risk their children will face in their teen years, but the good news is that you can – and should — lay the groundwork for good judgment, resilience and open communication when they are still small. This workshop is a practical discussion about how to prepare your child at different ages to face risky behaviours, before they decide they already know everything and stop listening to mom and dad.

  • How risky behaviours have changed since you went to high school;
  • Keep your child talking to you about what’s on their mind and what’s happening at school;
  • How to talk to your child so they’ll actually listen;
  • Learn the 7 C’s of resilience and practical tips on how to build them at different ages;
  • Simple ways to teach your child good decision-making skills when they are young;
  • How to (mostly) stop worrying by being prepared for what’s coming.

To discuss how this workshop can be customized for the needs of your school or community organization, contact us here.


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