The Teenage Brain: A How-To Guide for Parents

The Teenage Brain: A How-To Guide for Parents

The current research on adolescent brain biology has a lot to teach us about the teenagers we think we know. This workshop focuses on a few key changes that occur during the teen years and offers practical strategies on how to help their families navigate in turbulent times.

You will learn:

  • How changes in the brain impact the development of good judgment, problem-solving, decision-making and impulse control;
  • How normal changes in sleep patterns change the way your teenager gets through his/ her day and night and affects their schooling and family time;
  • How the overdevelopment of the brain structures responsible for handling emotions affects the way your teen sees the world;
  • Why we can’t blame hormones for everything.

To discuss how this workshop can be customized for the needs of your school or community organization, contact us here.


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